Science Week!

7 October 2020

It's Science Week this week and to celebrate, the children have been enjoying taking part in some amazing experiments.

Toddlers took part in our "Hidden Colours" experiment. We hid food colouring under baking soda and with the help of their teachers, they poured vinegar over the mixture and watched what happened! We had lots of "Ooooo's!".

Early Learners have taken part in two experiments so far. They have learned about how soap works by putting washing up liquid on their fingers and watching the pepper "germs'" move away from the detergent. Amy and Danielle were explaining why we wash our hands using soap and what happens to the germs when we do. The children also took part in the skittle " Make a Rainbow" experiment, which Reception enjoyed taking part in too. We watched all the colours pour into the middle of the plate and make a pretty rainbow.

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