Adventures Down Memory Lane

26 February 2019

Watch this space, something very special is coming soon!

Evolution Childcare's multi-talented owner, Sue Jones has written a lovely series of educational story books, beautifully illustrated by Sue's childhood friend Emma Bryan.

Sue and Emma have been friends since they were teenagers, growing up in traditional streets where they would call on each other to "come out and play". Old fashioned values were key, and as both Sue and Emma followed their love of education into teaching, they have held onto their magical childhoods and have created a beautiful collection of story books that they hope will keep the magic of communities alive and inspire conversations and the sharing of memories.

Not only are the books wonderful to read and share, but they also offer a window for learning in a loving setting, for stimulating imagination and for handing down memories so the adventures and stories live on forever...

We can’t wait to share the first installment with all our children.

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